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Does brand management feel like an oxymoron to you?

Do systems really manage brands?

Or do people? These days, simply having an online asset management system isn’t enough.  Lives are busier, responsibilities greater at the local level, so to think just “having a system” will cut it, well, we think it can be better.  At MODsocket, we’ve added a new spin that’s powerful.

What makes this person invaluable to your goals?

In theory, brand management, using a centralized portal and templates is incredible.  In fact, we built an entire ecosystem from the ground up.  We’re a bunch of “ex-ad guys” with valuable insights into your real-life challenges in local marketing.  The undisputed challenge comes after you implement your system.  You know the old saying “lead the horse to water…” blah, blah, blah.  So we’ve created a completely unique approach to solving this for you to increase adoption and ongoing success.

The right system to get the job done.

Functions and performance where it really counts.

Wouldn’t you like a system that not only manages all of your brand assets, but also serves to manage individuals in your company who are using it?  We’re a lot like having an individual consultant in place for every, single location, all being guided by the same direction, plans and goals.  And, without asking your already busy franchisees to “do-it-themselves.”

Here's a very interesting software fact.

If you’re searching for a field system based on having the most functionality available today, the question you should really be asking is, how likely would it be for your field people and franchisees to use it?  Just like most software, the average person uses only 20% of the functional capacity for good reason. It’s hard.  And often unnecessary. We help you focus on what’s most critical for success and then redirect our efforts to individuals who rely on the system.

Here's just one of our tools people love!

Every Door Direct Mail. Yup, but we put our own spin on it. Not only can you quickly and easily select a route down to the individual street or block, you can build and view it with our Google Earth interactive interface! Plus, set a budget and manage it as you go.

Pricing shouldn't be prohibitive

Where do we spend our time and money?

New Module Development


System Maintenance




Asset Management




* Proof that our system is easy-to-use

Our pricing is super competitive.

We’re proud to say that over the years, we’ve put millions and millions of dollars into our technology. We hold multiple patents for innovative creations that push our system and customers further. And we continue to add and upgrade weekly because systems that help should constantly evolve and challenge they way things are done, to be the best they can be.

So when it comes to pricing, we do our best to strike middle ground between our costs and delivering efficiencies to our customers that won’t break the bank. But just like any other technology/service-driven model, it’s the intangibles that mean the most. And the MODsocket approach takes that even further with our personalized, local touch. Experience our pitch today, and you will see why we are so proud of our company!

MODsocket for small business.

The first ever, cloud-based ad agency built for small business.

Finally, small businesses have a single resource that can help them do pretty much “anything marketing.”  And your experience is driven by your own personal consultant, with years of agency experience.  That means, you have someone to actually manage your campaigns for you, allowing you to be the boss.  And the great news is, everything is at a low cost basically any company can afford. Trial is 100% free, and you’ll even get a professional marketing plan created for you at no cost.  Simply register for free.  Did we mention free?  See you at MODsocket!

Seen enough yet?

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