What in the heck is MODsocket?

Founded in 2001

Based in Dallas, Texas

Pioneers in Digital Asset Management

Built by agency veterans

Granted 6 US Patents

One platform, many applications.


Our system System is state-of-the-art technology to store, manage, distribute and fulfill all of your corporate marketing locally.

• “Virtual field marketing” expert

• Consultant/User relationship

• Powerful Ad Builder

• EDDM (Every Door Direct Mail)

• List procurement

• Customizable pURL Engine

• Approval workflow

• Campaign management

• Customizable taxonomy

Small Business

MODsocket is the first cloud-based, full-service ad agency targeting small businesses with a complete array of marketing solutions.

• Free strategic marketing plans

• Personalized consultant

• Unlimited marketing solutions

• EDDM (Every Door Direct Mail)

• List Procurement

• Full creative services

• Concierge campaign management

• Affordable packages

• One-stop marketing solution

Direct Sales

MODsocket is a powerful tool and process for reducing “churn” of sales people, increasing overall sales performance and new recruiting.

• Sales people guided by experts

• One-on-one marketing tutoring

• Corporate libraries for assets

• EDDM (Every Door Direct Mail)

• List Procurement

• Assist in building downlines

• Corporate visibility

• Campaign Management

• Increases home demos

We're more than a content management company.

Ad Giants specializes in successful content implementation at the local level.

We do what others cannot.

Powerful systems are all well and good. But if the people you count on to use it, don’t use it…well, that’s a big waste of time and money. That’s why at Ad Giants, we not only provide state-of-the-art technology, we also have in place the system and processes that insure you are getting everything you need from your investment.

How is this done?

  • Every user is assigned a marketing expert
  • We track use through our consulting tools
  • We support the field directly with your messaging
  • We can scale to any size organization

Our meat and potatoes.


We use “agency specific” software to better enable your ability to manage and maintain your own system with templates. We teach you the basics of how to set up, load and store all of your print-related materials.

Direct Mail & Lists

Use our custom version of Every Door Direct Mail® and deliver “down to the doorsteps” based on specific demographics. Our choose from one of four other mail list options from our preferred partners.


We’ve also created a totally unique fulfillment system that allows you to choose the vendors you want, and offer all of their services on one, convenient platform. Fulfillment becomes a seamless snap!

What is the process once we engage?

Our team makes it very, very simple.

You’d think a system as complex and powerful as ours would take forever to prepare and launch. So did we, that’s why we built it to be much more nimble and easy to get ready. Sometimes within a month, depending upon how quickly you can get us what we need.

  • Give us a designated point person
  • We prepare and move your assets
  • We create training for your field
  • We prepare your consultants

Just say YES and expect the best!

Let us put a proposal together for you and demonstrate how effective we can be.

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