Here are just a few of our system functions.

Full Customization

Approved templates, ready to go!

You can manage just about every type of asset you need to distribute. Press-ready Adobe InDesign files can be quickly modified to go directly to fulfillment without the need for costly pre-press adjustments. Or choose to download a self-printing PDF. And Microsoft Office documents and other files can be downloaded immediately.



The power of pURL’s.

Nothing gets your attention faster online than a cool piece of creative that is interactive. Our system also allows you to “customize” pURL templates on-the-fly, just as you would any print template.


Every Door Direct Mail

Targeting down to the doorstep.

Every Door Direct Mail.® Yup, but we put our own spin on it. Not only can you quickly and easily select individual postal carrier routes, you can see demographic information for each route! Plus, set a budget and manage to it as you go.


List Procurement

Build your lists quickly.

Our partnership with Acculeads allows us to procure the most recent lists available from both Dunn & Bradstreet and Equifax. In a matter of moments you can identify your exact target with powerful filters that will ensure precise results.


HTML5 Templates

Deliver customized digital assets with ease.

Whether it’s a website, banner ad, or interactive pURL, your new system can auto-populate or directly customize key areas, allowing you to then fulfill each asset in record time. We have built proprietary tools that turns what used to be a living nightmare into a dream.


Asset Management

Our bread and butter.

Your system can also manage and store virtually every possible asset type you have. There are no limits to storage other than space, and even then, you can easily and affordably increase size to match your growing needs without spending an arm and a leg.


Template Building

We’ve got it if you can’t.

Our system is so easy to use, we teach you how to create, build and upload all of your assets. But sometimes, you get too busy to manage that. Our implementation and creative services group is there to help at prices you can afford. If the time calls for help, raise your hand and we will be there right away!



We’re always here to help.

What good would we be if we didn’t help you out of a jam when you have one? We focus our skills not only on developing the best, most powerful tools around, we pride ourselves on professional and helpful…help!


Even More

Full Marketing Services

Because of the way our business model is structured, we offer a vast array of products and services that go beyond content management. We’ve spent countless hours building best-in-class partnerships with outside vendors that cover a wide spectrum of fulfillment opportunities. And all of them can be built into your own system.

• Email Marketing    • Package Design    • Printing on all levels

• Research | Focus Groups    • Web Design    • Full Creative Services

• Strategic Planning    • Social Media     • Media Placement

• Broadcast Production    • Digital Media    • Analytics

Visit us at to learn more!

Special Development

Even though our system is extremely flexible so we can configure it to meet just about any need, there will still be times you require “special functionality.” Our development team can scope, build and implement your special functions at very reasonable costs to you.

Helpful questions when considering a new brand management toolset.

What should I look for most in a system?

The simplicity or usability of any system is key.  The MODsocket system delivers both.  But even more critical is “adoption” of any system.  It doesn’t matter how simple any online tool may be, but if your field or people don’t take time to learn it and value it, your money and time is being wasted. And frankly, most of your people do not have the time.  At MODsocket, we lead with a solution to create stronger adoption and teach these valuable habits so that you can rest assured, your work is being managed and deployed as you need it to be.

What's the best way to compare systems before selecting?

History.  Look for the companies that have been around the longest and start there. MODsocket started in 2001, and there were only a few others like us at the time.  Ask for system demos or a capabilities presentation.  Try not to have more than 4 companies on your short list, it will just cloud your heads!  Also, try not to make this a “bells & whistle contest.”  Because in reality, it never comes down to that when these systems are used.  The real proof is in the adoption rates and ongoing support of the system itself.  Here is a short list of companies in our space we admire.

  • Brand Muscle
  • Saepio
  • Balihoo

BEWARE! There are also plenty of “print on demand” solutions pretending to be enterprise-level software.  And often, these are presented as “free” solutions.  They are also typically much weaker than true DAM systems.  Remember what your Dad always said, “nothing in life is free!”  These systems serve to “lock companies” into a select printer and takes away your options.  This is a very broad statement, but just be aware of the pitfalls of these solutions.

How long does it take to get a system up and running?

Well this answer will sound pre-packaged, but here you go….it’s actually up to you.  If you can respond quickly to our needs, which are quite straight-forward and simple, we have launched systems in as little as two weeks.  Having said that, the average time to launch is around 30 to 45 days.  Including system training.

How are you priced?

We are a SaaS model. (Software As A Service) What that means is, we charge by the “seat” in each system.  Our base price is for 100 users.  Beyond that, we have pricing levels that reflect different amounts of users.  On top of that, we have a “configuration fee” or “set up” fee.  Again, this is based on the scope of your system and the amount of time it will take us to set it up to be ready for use.  That is a one-time feel.  After that, we have annual contracts based on your user base.

How often do you add features or upgrades?

Like any technology company, we learn a ton from our users, and that helps us drive improvements to our system.  We are constantly adding new features and functions to the system, including optimizing current functionality to make it even better.  We typically launch these improvements quarterly, and in some years, it has been bi-monthly!  But know this, we are always working towards improvements to help your people perform better!

How do you engage with your clients?

When you join MODsocket, you will be assigned an account executive who manages your needs and system directly at the corporate level.  This will be your day-to-day person you rely on for basically anything pertaining to your system.  You also have the option of utilizing our “field consultant group” that works directly with each user to make sure they are involved, productive and actively taking advantage of the system you have put in place for them.  We are the only company in this space to provide this service at this scale.

What are the top three things people use these systems for?

Actually, there is more than three, but the top three that standout are as follows; brand management and consistency, efficiency and accountability.  Consistency speaks for itself, and make no doubt, this is HUGE when dealing with companies spread all over the country or world.  Efficiency is driven by workforce challenges, both in the field and at the corporate office.  Doing more with less and getting it right the first time.  These days, this has become even more critical to corporate profitability.  Lastly there is accountability.  This means a few things.  Accountability of your field or franchisees who often look for “excuses” to defend actions.  It also means usability, to insure that these same people have the materials they paid for in a timely fashion and have been instructed on how to implement them.  And lastly, the accountability internally to make sure the millions spent creating your marketing isn’t wasted upon execution.  These systems help you implement locally to a higher degree of success so that the over-arching marketing strategy remains intact.

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