Franchised Businesses

Centralized marketing for consistent results.

The biggest challenge within any franchised business is twofold. Brand consistency and local implementation when and how it’s supposed to happen. With MODsocket, you can rest assured that your new system, coupled with our unique “local consultant” process will drive better adoption which leads to better results. Here are just a few of the critical challenges your system will address:

      • Keeping marketing efforts in line with plan

      • Ease of use to launch local campaigns

      • Manage co-op spending

      • User tracking

      • Vendor management tools


Better branding builds stronger donations.

Today, there are literally tens of thousands of great organizations doing their best to help specific causes. Often times, marketing tends to be the weak spot when it comes to increasing donations and participation. Our system comes complete not only with first-class toolsets to execute campaigns and manage distribution and fulfillment, it also becomes a valuable resource for ideation and creation. Here are just a few of the benefits:

      • Brand content management

      • Email campaigns with analytics

      • Creative development resources

      • And much more!

Distributed / Multi-Location Businesses

Businesses today must react to local needs.

As the saying goes, “everything today is local” when it comes to marketing. There isn’t a business alive that doesn’t have a direct need to be as responsive as possible to local changes. Your new system will allow you to do just that. Here are just a few of the needs addressed:

      • Ability to create/launch marketing immediately

      • Manage every location with a single portal

      • Cut production costs significantly

      • React to competition instantly

      • Improve all compliance issues

Direct Sales

Empowering your field like never before.

Direct selling is unlike most types of sales because it changes as you mature your efforts. With our approach, we help focus individual sellers to help them become better marketers and add to their downline sales. Here are just a few of the needs addressed:

      • Marketing Bootcamp that works

      • Marketing focused monthly webinar series

      • Effective and creative marketing tactics

      • Increased field sales

The marketing department for small business.

For decades small businesses had no realistic way to compete with larger competitors who could afford “big agency” marketing. That is until now. Our MODsocket product provides everything the big boys do, but at prices everyone can afford. Here are just a few our strengths:

      • Focused consultant

      • Free marketing plan

      • Unlimited best pricing from vendors

      • Unlimited creative talent

      • State-of-the-art marketing tactics

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