There's a storm brewing in the cloud.

Introducing MODsocket, the next generation of marketing agency.

We've harnessed the flexibility of the Cloud to bring marketing to millions.

So how’d we do it? Well, it’s quite simple in concept, but extremely complex in design. Our goal was to replicate the processes that makes big agencies so valuable. It all started by knowing “where” to put a person, and “where” to leverage automation. Then, we built an entire front and back end to support a singular process. So let’s start by looking at why we did this in the first place.

The traditional agency model is broken.

So we fixed it. Our way.

The Traditional Agency

Agency Comes First

Limited Staff / Talent


Limited Vendors

Limited Resources

Parody Offerings


The MODsocket Model

Customer Comes First

Unlimited Staff / Talent

Low Monthly Fee

Unlimited Vendors

Unlimited Resources

Unlimited Offerings


Consultant = Happy customers.

We provide the most critical element of the process.

A few of our Small Business CMOs.

Strategic Planning


Marketing Automation


The first 10% of any marketing effort starts with a careful, strategic evaluation and the creation of a plan. After that, you set it in motion to begin the execution process. That can be automated.

People where you need them.

All of our consultants come with pedigrees. Real “Ad Jocks.” Been there, done that sort of folks. That’s key because given the scalability factor, we need leaders who can assess, plan and execute almost by instinct so that our customers get the biggest bang for the smallest buck. We accomplish that with a $50/month fee with no contracts. Users are then rewarded with someone they could never afford to hire, guiding and leading their marketing process. Other systems promote a DIY environment. We are one of the first to bring DIFM (Do It For Me) to a much needed market.

So how does this whole thing work?

Let's look at a typical customer example.

This is Gary.

Gary owns a local dry cleaner with a 25 year history.  His father started it and he took it over.  He has reached “critical mass” and feels like his customer base is dying.  But being just one of hundreds of dry cleaners in the Dallas metroplex, he has no idea how to “get” more customers.

The focus of his new plan.

• More visits from current customers

• Add a younger base of customers

• Dominate his local area

• Generate more unique offers

All of these things combined will help jump-start Gary’s marketing and results. At MODsocket, we always start with a tactic that is the most affordable and will provide the biggest result. From there, he dedicates a portion of the new profits back into his marketing plan.

Digital Media

To be more “current,” we suggested Gary polish up his digital marketing tactics such as a website upgrade, digital newsletter with offers and Facebook Ads.

Referral Program

The fastest way to increase a customer base is by using your current customers to sing your praises. Offer both a reward for helping you out. Create brand disciples!

EDDM Program

Every Door Direct Mail allows you to target by demographic all the way to the carrier route! Offer better discounts or seasonal offers to drive more immediate action.

Mobile App

Mobile media driven by geo-location offers people immediate trial and brings them right to your door. We have innovative partners who can drive trial you can track.

Each tactic we suggest is tied to a MODsocket partner for fulfillment.

Our partner portal will surprise you.

We've created a standard for fulfillment engagement in our ecosystem.

Because of the way we built our patented “Partner Portal”, we can accommodate virtually any kind of asset that you wish to use as marketing. We took an industry that for years had “loose standards” in every aspect of the business – outdoor, radio, television, digital…and we then created a new “standard” of engagement. Meaning, if you wish to join us and “fulfill” orders, we have simple compliance standards. These standards remove the burden from us to have a building full of people administering each area of marketing, and allows us to “push” those responsibilities back to the people who should handle them. Our partners. Endless scale and limitless quality is now a reality in a single portal.

Focused communication is critical.

Complete customer management.

Our patented customer management toolset insures that all clients are connected properly to their respective consultants, and becomes the focal point for all customer engagements.

• Communicate

• Manage Marketing Plans

• Present Work

• Set Meetings

• Share Materials

• and more!

How do you increase use and reduce churn?

We build consistent marketing habits with customers in pretty short order.

It’s one thing to provide an online, SaaS system for marketing. It’s an entirely different thing to provide an online system that people grow into and actually learn to appreciate more and more with use. By having a strategic consultant in place to guide, assist and grow customers one-on-one, we see an incredible dependency from our process. All driven by an expert.


Timeline for Trust

What are the economics around this system?

We have two distinct streams of revenue in our model.

A low monthly subscription

For only $50 a month, users gain access to an experienced consultant with no less than 10 years experience. Your consultant often even goes beyond marketing duties and serves as a “trusted business advisor” to many of our small business customers. While you can use our system free of charge, and order products yourself, we have found that the compelling selling proposition of having your own, dedicated expert on call at such a low price, gives us unequalled advantages that cannot be replicated due to our patents and system infrastructure.

Revenue from packages

Each one of our fulfillment partners/vendors has an executed agreement with us that defines a revenue share for each package they sell in our “store,” ranging between 10% to 30%. In addition, we have agreed to “better than street pricing” in order to sell inside our system, which guarantees our customers cannot go “outside” our system with specific packages in an effort to beat the price offered in MODsocket. This allows us to offer an endless range of products to our customers and puts us in a better position to scale and manage quality.

MODsocket is uniquely powerful.

We've delivered the only true online agency experience that scales.

• Flexible SaaS Model • Multiple Revenue Channels • Consultant-Driven • Unlimited Talent • Unlimited Vendors • Affordable Packages • Ready To Grow

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