The secret is in our service.

We provide a marketing expert for every user.

You heard right, every active user is assigned a professional consultant.

Field Champions

We learn the in’s and out’s of your marketing plans from the corporate level down to the field level. It’s one thing to have templates stored for access, it’s another thing for people to actually use them. That’s where we come in.

Consulting Power

With your system, you actually get a dedicated field person to work directly with individuals or groups to assist them in the implementation of your marketing initiatives. We maximize adoption at the local level and execute correctly.

Back To Work

Because we get personally involved, it allows your end users to do what they do best, their jobs. Working directly with an Ad Giants consultant provides flexibility of schedule without turning loose of local marketing control.

Transfer of knowledge

Our consultants are trained to your specific brand standards and initiatives, and in turn, they become leaders and marketing assistants to your field users which will increase adoption and local success.

Increased Productivity

Everyone could use a helping hand. And with Ad Giants, you get way more than that. Your people get personalized attention to assist them in execution of your planned marketing efforts.

Our process builds trusting relationships that grow your brand.

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